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Welcome to Nek5000 Project

Nek5000 is an open-source (released under GPL) computational fluid dynamics solver based on the spectral element method and is actively developed at the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory. The code is written in Fortran77/C and employs the MPI standard for parallelism. More ...


Dec 2011: New Nek/MOAB Support Documentation

Feb 2012: The user's mailing list crossed the 120 users mark!

Current Developers

Paul Fischer (chief architect), James Lottes, Stefan Kerkemeier

Aleks Obabko, Katie Heisey


  • scales to over 250,000 processors
  • high-order spatial discretization using spectral elements
  • high-order semi-implicit timestepping
  • incompressible + low Mach number (variable density) flows
  • efficient preconditioners (multigrid + scalable coarse grid solves)
  • highly optimized computational kernels (e.g. matrix-matrix multiply)
  • low memory footprint and scalable memory design
  • high performance parallel I/O
  • ALE / moving meshes and free surface flow
  • accurate Lagrangian particle tracking
  • conjugate fluid-solid heat transfer
  • scalable communication kernels
  • build-in profiling analysis
  • interface to VisIt for parallel data analysis and visualization
  • interace to MOAB for advanced meshing capabilities

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