Nek5000 is hosted in two repositories: an up-to-date Git repository and a legacy SVN repository. Both are available for download.

SVN Repository

You can checkout the stable SVN repository via:

svn co nek5_svn

This version was last updated on June 2, 2016.

Git Repositories

The in-development Nek5000 source code and example problems are hosted on GitHub.  You can download them as described below.

Downloading the Nek5000 Source Code

The Nek5000 source code is maintained at  You can download the latest version with the following command:

git clone

Downloading the Nek5000 Example Problems

The Nek5000 examples are maintained at  Theres is only a single branch, which may be downloaded with:

git clone

Using Nek5000

For more information, please see the Documentation section of this website, including the Nek5000 User Manual.  The Quick Start section of the User Manual may be particularly useful for newcomers.