• Pedro David Bello-Maldonado (FEMSEM)
  • Ron Rahaman (build system)
  • Ali Karakus
  • Ketan Mittal (n-nek-nek)
  • Li Lu (avm)
  • David Zwick (lpm)
  • Oana Marin (user guide)
  • Katherine Heisey (CI, nekBone)
  • James Lottes (gslib)


Although many people join the our community every year, a few groups and individuals around the world have been using consistently and contributed to our project for a very long time.

If you want to take an active hand in making our project even better, there are many ways you can contribute – adding new physics, improving our documentation, creating tutorials etc.

Share your Work

Follow @nek5000 on Twitter and get a broad range of posts on topics such as performance studies, latest developments, to discussions in specific application areas, to recently published papers which have made use of the code.

Come to our Events

In 2010, we held the first Nek Users Meeting, which was a great success. It is now an event every second year.

Past Events

Related Projects

  • NekBONE a proxy-app which is a reduced variant of Nek5000 developed for testing purposes on large computing facilities
  • NekCEM an open-source electromagnetics solver based on spectral element and spectral element discontinuous Galerkin methods, written in Fortran and C
  • NekLBM a high-order lattice Boltzmann fluid solver based on spectral element discontinuous Galerkin methods
  • nektar++ solvers for partial differential equations (PDEs) using the spectral/hp element method
  • neko framework for high-order spectral element flow simulations developed at KTH
  • hipBone GPU port of NekBone